Horse Soldier CD

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Corb says...

"People call this my 'concept record' and I guess it sort of is, though in truth only about half the songs fit the military history description that the album is known for. I didn't do it on purpose; I just ended up writing and recording a bunch of songs that look at war from different angles. It made for an interesting departure from the previous albums which were relatively more commercially successful. This record definitely has it's loyalists—fanatics, even—and has brought an element of military men and women to my audience, which I think is awesome. It was produced by Harry Stinson, who also produced Five Dollar Bill, Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer, and Losin’ Lately Gambler."

  1. I Wanna Be in the Cavalry
  2. Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier
  3. Lament for Lester Cousins
  4. Brother Brigham, Brother Young
  5. The Horse I Rode in On
  6. A Leader on Losing Control
  7. Student Visas
  8. What That Song Means Now
  9. Hard on Equipment (Tool for the Job)
  10. Family Reunion
  11. Especially a Paint
  12. Ciesla's Revenge (Intro)

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