Five Dollar Bill CD

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​​Corb says...

"Five Dollar Bill was a very key album for me. It was the first record I made after the smalls had retired and, as a result, was the first record I made while focusing exclusively on writing and playing under my own name. My manager at the time recruited Nashville legend Harry Stinson to produce the album, which was the beginning of a long and fruitful association and friendship between Harry and I. Five Dollar Bill marked the point where I really started to find my songwriting voice started to dig deep into my western/cowboy/Albertan life experience and ancestry for material. We cut half of the record in Edmonton and the other half in Nashville. I played all the guitar parts on the record—and it's almost entirely acoustic guitar. We deliberately cut the whole record super dry, with very little reverb and very few overdubs."

  1. Five Dollar Bill
  2. Expectation and the Blues
  3. Short Native Grasses (Prairies of Alberta)
  4. No Roads here
  5. Apocalyptic Modified Blues
  6. Heavy and Leaving
  7. Intro/Jack of Diamonds
  8. Time to Switch to Whiskey
  9. Roughest Neck Around
  10. Daughter Don't You Marry
  11. (Gonna) Shine Up My Boots
  12. Buckin' Horse Rider
  13. She Won't Come to Me

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