Are your prices in American or Canadian dollars?
All prices are in Canadian dollars. $1 Canadian is worth about 70-80¢ American, so our U.S. customers get an automatic discount thanks to the exchange rate. To find out exactly how much your order will be in American dollars, we recommend using a currency conversion tool that uses the current rates.

Can I pay for my order using a U.S. credit card or PayPal account?
Yes, you can pay for your order using any Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal, regardless of where you live. Your credit card company will convert the purchase from Canadian dollars to your country's currency automatically. 

How will my order get to my door?
All orders are sent via Canada Post. Depending on where you live and the size of your order, your shipment will be delivered to your door, mailbox, or local post office.

How do I apply a discount code?
Enter your discount code at check-out. Be sure to hit "apply"! The discount will then be applied to your order automatically.


What are you doing to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging required by the mail order industry?
We are very concerned about the amount of packaging being used these days, which is why we strive to use reused packaging whenever we can. This means your order might arrive in a box that was once used to ship something from Amazon or another online retailer. If used materials are not available at the time of your order, it will likely ship in not-as-environmentally friendly poly mailer — but we're transitioning to mailers made from recycled materials to reduce our carbon footprint. Every little bit helps. 

How much is shipping?
Shipping is calculated on checkout by Canada Post.  If spend $250 or more, it's free.

How can I pay for this stuff?
We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin? Really?
Yes, you can pay with Bitcoin. In fact, it's our preferred method of payment. 

Where does my order come from?
All orders are shipped from Corb Lund HQ in Alberta, Canada. 

How long will it take?
Orders generally go out once a week. Sometimes we ship on Monday, sometimes we ship on Friday. You will receive notification when your order has been shipped. Be patient, we promise it'll get to ya. If you are ordering from outside of Canada, your order will need to clear customs when it crosses the border, which can result in delays. Because of ongoing and unpredictable delays at U.S. customs, some U.S. orders arrive in less than a week, while others take up to 3 weeks for delivery. Please be patient. Meanwhile, international orders outside U.S. and Canada can take much longer, depending on the shipping method selected at check-out. Please read the estimated delivery time before choosing your international shipping method, as some shipping options can take quite a while. We ship all packages via whatever shipping method the customer selects at check-out.

Where is my tracking number?
If your package has a tracking number, it will be included in the shipping notification email (which follows the order confirmation email). All Canadian shipments have parcel tracking built into the shipping cost. American and international customers do not have automatic package tracking; you must select parcel tracking at check-out. Canada Post charges more for tracked packages, so if you select the cheapest method of shipping, you will not have a tracking number. Please be careful to select the shipping method that works best for you.

What about returns and refunds?
All sales are final. If your mother-in-law bought you the wrong CD or you bought your best friend a T-shirt that's too small, we'll exchange the unopened, unworn, unwashed item for the one you want, provided you email us at merch@corblund.com to explain the situation and confirm that we have your size/colour/?! in stock, then send it and the receipt back to us within 30 days -- but return shipping is not included.

If an order is returned to us by the post office because the address provided at checkout was incorrect or incomplete, we will refund the order, less all shipping charges incurred. 

Help! I'm having trouble completing my order. It keeps telling me "your cart has been modified and the shipping rate you previously selected no longer applies"
Here's what you need to do to avoid that error message and complete your order:
  1. select "my cart" 
  2. click on the "update" button
  3. click "check out" 

Any more questions?
Email us at merch@corblund.com