Losin' Lately Gambler CD

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Corb says...

"​​Losin’ Lately Gambler was my first release on New West Records. The fourth and final album produced by Harry Stinson, it's kind of a mixed bag, featuring a couple of veterinarian songs in the grand tradition of Baxter Black, James Herriot and my dad, DC Lund. I'm quite fond of this record, though it's not as well-known as some of my others."

Track listing:

1. Horse Doctor Come Quick
2. Steer Rider's Blues
3. Game In Town Like This
4. Alberta Says Hello
5. Talkin' Veterinarian Blues
6. It's Hard To Keep A White Shirt Clean
7. Long Gone To Saskatchewan
8. Devil's Best Dress
9. Only Long Rider I Know
10. Chinook Wind
11. This Is My Prairie
12. Rye Whiskey/Time To Switch To Whiskey

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