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Unforgiving Mistress CD

Unforgiving Mistress CD


"Unforgiving Mistress" is out of print, but is available for digital download on iTunes and CD Baby.

Corb says...

"This was my second Corb Lund Band record and I wrote almost all of it while working in a tiny, somewhat isolated parking booth at the University of Alberta. This was my first record with my bass player and collaborator, Kurt Ciesla, and it was produced by Steve Loree in Edmonton. Like Modern Pain, it has a bit of an acoustic folk feel to it, with the odd touch of Latin influence, strangely. I was listening to a lot of Jobim at the time."

  1. Mora (Blackberry)
  2. The Case of the Wine Soaked Preacher
  3. Remains of You
  4. Guitar from the Wall
  5. Where is my Soldier?
  6. Spanish Armada
  7. I've Been Needin'
  8. Young and Jaded
  9. Engine Revver
  10. We Used to Ride 'em
  11. The Oldest Rhythm