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Counterfeit Blues Vinyl

Counterfeit Blues Vinyl


​​This we recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis, TN (of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins fame). It came about while we were shooting a CMT documentary at Sun Studio—we ended up liking the audio so much, we decided to release it as an album. We only had studio access for two evenings, so we just banged out a bunch of our favourites from Five Dollar Bill and Hair In My Eyes. The recording setup was really basic and old school, with no mic isolation and all of us just laying it down in one room. The result is sort of a frenetic and dirty greatest hits album, live off the floor.

1. Counterfeiters' Blues

2. Good Copenhagen

3. Big Butch Bass Bull Fiddle

4. Hair In My Eyes Like a Highland Steer

5. Little Foothills Heaven

6. Five Dollar Bill

7. Buckin' Horse Rider

8. Hurtin' Albertan

9. (Gonna) Shine Up My Boots

10. Truck Got Stuck

11. Roughest Neck Around

12. Truth Comes Out