Cabin Fever Vinyl 45

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​​Corb says...

"Cabin Fever is a special record. Steve Christensen and my old rockabilly buddy/Ego Brother John Evans produced it in Edmonton in the dead of winter. It struck a lot of chords with a lot of people, and is my most popular U.S. release so far. I feel it's some of my best work (and the band’s best work, too), and that's a nice thing to be able to say about your seventh record. It features some cool co-writing moments with friends Hayes Carll, Matt Skinner and Jason Boland. It was originally released as a double album, with the second CD being a stripped-down acoustic version of the songs on the first."

Fever Side (with electricity)

  1. Gettin' Down On The Mountain

Cabin Side (without electricity)

  1. Gettin' Down On The Mountain

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​​Looking for a digital download of this record? It is available on iTunes (the deluxe edition is available on iTunes, too.)